Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why wait? My Own Questionnaire…ummm… to myself

I love magazines!I especially love reading the bits where the interviewer asks questions of someone famous about their likes and dislikes and recent activities. I find this so interesting, a glimpse into the lives of the otherworldly and I’ve always secretly fantasized about being asked to do such an interview myself. I am the first one to diligently fill out those email questionnaires and zip them off to family and friends while others are bemoaning even getting one.

So instead of waiting around until I get famous (or another email questionnaire from a bored buddy) I decided to ask myself and post it. (I’ve borrowed some of the questions from interviews I have read and thought “What would I say if I was asked that?” This exercise was a fun reminder that my opinions and likes should be as important to me as reading anyone else’s. You should try it yourself, even if you don’t post it or share it.

Check out my answers below:

1. What was the first concert you attended (without your parents) and do you still listen to the band/artist today?

I have got to a place in my life where I am completely comfortable with myself so I can admit out loud that it was MILLI VANILLI and it was the summer of 1990, just months before they were exposed as gorgeous lip syncing fakes. SIGH!
I still know all their moves and I will drop a little Rob & Fabian when Blame it on the Rain comes on the radio.

2. Have you ever lied about reading a particular book to impress someone? What was the book?

I’ll admit I have lied about reading books but I’ve never done it to impress someone. Usually I’ve lied when I know the other person is lying too, stops a pretentious conversationalist in their tracks.

3. What was the most recent show you watched on television?

My guilty pleasure from my hausfrau days: The Young & the Restless!!!

4. Who would play you if your life was adapted for the big screen?

I would love to say Eva Mendes or Salma Hayek but let’s be real people, it would be Sandra Bullock or someone who is less super perfect, more down-to-earth and combines humour and slapstick effortlessly.

5. Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre?

Never, if I’ve paid I’m watching the whole thing!

6. Which film is your guilty pleasure or you are most embarrassed to love?

Legally Blonde – that movie always makes me happy.

7. Who's your favourite female protagonist in books or movies?

Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables. I love spunky women, especially when they have all the cards stacked against them.

More recently, I have enjoyed soon to be highschool grad, Carrie Bradshaw in Candance Bushnell’s The Carrie Diaries. If I thought I loved Carrie in Manolos I love her more in white patent leather high boots!

8. What’s the most overplayed song on your iPod at the moment?

My iPod is really my husband’s but I have been rocking the Raffi, Animal Songs with the Mouse. It’s creepy how addictive his music is!

9. If you could live the life of any fictional character who would it be and why?

Wow – I think there are way too many great characters in fiction that I could never settle on just one but I have always fancied myself as more of background scene-stealer type.

10. Team Jacob or Team Edward?

JACOB!!! I’d pick warm and furry over cold and pale any day!


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  1. I've read a few of your postings and must say, you have a gift for writing. I find myself reading one posting after another excited to see what you are going to write about next.

    Take Care,