Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello Bangs!

(This picture has been styled by my creative stylist, Jessica

and in no way do I plan to do this pose in every picture

from here on in and post them on Facebook

just in case you were wondering!)



My bangs are back and I am so happy. They are like old friends coming back to visit, I missed them and we have so much to catch up on. (Now they didn't arrive from the Great Style Fairy overnight but close, I must credit the talented Jennifer from W.A.C Hair Group on Main Street Markham for giving me a kick-ass do! Seriously, I barely have to do anything and my hair is normally wavy to curly!)

You see after I had my daughter, I let things go for awhile. As new mothers know all too well, previously impeccable personal grooming is the first thing to go. Even if your intentions are strong and the support systems are in place, there is just no way you'll trade an hour of sleep/eating/showering/reading/staring blankly into space in a shell-shocked daze for pulling out that flat-iron!

Now, although I have always been rather fussy about my hair (one friend joked that I went to the hairdresser practically every 2nd week to which I replied, "Doesn't everyone?") I knew going in that I wouldn't be able to maintain anything close to what I used to do so I pretty much gave up.

When you give up on your hair, you basically have given up on most of your personal pride. At least in my case that's true.

I did try hard to look my best while on my maternity leave even if I was just going for a lap or two around the park with the hounds but the level of fatigue usually didn't allow much coiffing. So I just gave in and gave up!

Now that the style is back, I feel like a new woman! Some mothers have said they feel sexier after having their children, the power of their bodies and inner strength bolstering their self-confidence which I get. I feel it too –sometimes-but mostly I just felt rather dishevelled. During university exams to take an hour just before leaving to write to shower, put on some make-up and nice clothes instead of showing up in my pyjamas like other students. I was always of the belief that if you look your best, you will perform your best too.

Looking good is more than mere vanity, it's the outward and inward commitment to the self that you are important too and should be cared for –whatever that means to you.

It's no wonder that many women would pick a perfect hair day over great sex! What's the point in pure ecstasy if you feel like a frump queen?!

It's good that I didn't obsess over my hair when I was home with Miss Mouse but it's equally as important that I remind myself that along with my new role as Mummy, my return to working girl life and continued devoted wife, daughter and friend, I can still be rather foxy....

Or at least my bangs can!


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