Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labour Day Feast

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Here was our Labour Day Feast which turned out to be an amazing feast with little planning. We made roasted veggies with fresh herbs from our garden, locally grown green and yellow beans, homemade fresh bread, for dessert pumpkin scones with spiced icing which were better than Starbucks and the piece du resistance: Beer Can Chicken! My husband first attempt at the Beer Can Chicken was delectable especially as it was naturally-raised organic Beretta Farm Chicken (which aside from being the tastiest chicken I've ever bought are raised and farmed in a humane and sustainable way- all locally they are located in King City ON).

We also had a lovely glass of Chardonnay (which I'm not sure pairs well but tasted great to us!) All in all a lovely meal made even more special by sharing it with my family!

Sometimes the best dinners are ones that aren't planned and you end up eating in your sweats and it's the most beautiful meal you've had in a long time.

This was one of those meals and I will cherish the memory...especially how wide the Mouse's eyes got when she saw that bird!

Here are some pics....leftovers tonight were even better...yum!


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